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An Oversight in Courtship

A/N: For serenitytouched's prompt on Tumblr.

The only thought in Sakura’s mind was ‘What the... ‘ Her entire apartment was covered in flowers - Roses, (red, yellow, and white) carnations, lilies and last but certainly not least Cherry Blossoms of course.

Sakura shuddered. She had been skeptical when her ex-sensei had announced his intentions to court her. Of course it wasn’t because she didn’t think of him as a prospect. Her feeling towards him had changed months ago and had started a freefall into being in love with him. Not that Kakashi knew that though. The man was inherently lazy and she wanted to know he’d make an effort to be in a relationship with her.

Sakura sighed. It would take forever to get rid of these flowers and that blasted scent! She also had to find a nice way to tell him that this wasn’t a great courtship method when it came to her. Speaking of which… a chakra signature appearing behind her made her turn around to find her lazy, porn-addicted yet adorably lovable deadly ninja ex-sensei (soon to be lover) Kakashi leaning against her fence looking rather dorkily eager to see her reaction.

“Yo.” He drawled.
She felt bad having to tell him this she really, really did but it had to be done…
“Kakashi, as lovely this gesture was I really need to tell you something the thing is…. ikindareallyhateflowerslikehatehatehatethem.” Sakura finished gasping.

“Sakura-Chan take a deep breath and try again”

“I’m sorry you were so sweet but I really hate flowers.” Sakura looked up in time to see Kakashi’s face fall.

“Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know Sakura.”

“Kakashi it was such a sweet gesture, and I know you didn’t know. I’m not annoyed or anything. In fact as far as courting goes it did work. I may not like flowers but I love that you went to all this effort for me.” Sakura smiled sweetly at Kakashi before closing the distance between them and kissed him

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New oneshot!

This is just a quick oneshot, just got myself a laptop so should be able to update more :)

Title: Watching Her Back
Characters: Kakashi, Sakura
Category Friendship/Romance
Summary: Kakashi ponders the growth of the Pink-Haired Kunoichi and his place in her life.


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